Help us reach 200 people on Facebook by tomorrow!

The clock is ticking …

We’re trying to get at least 200 people to join our “Shine a light on autism” Cause on Facebook and make a $10 donation before 2:00 p.m. Central time tomorrow, January 30th.

Do you have a Facebook account? If not, sign up! If so, join Easter Seals “Shine a light on autism” Facebook Cause.

This is a rare opportunity … the Case Foundation has paired up with Facebook for the Causes Giving Challenge. They’re giving away $1,000 a day to the Cause with the largest number of unique donors per day, and $50,000 to the cause with the most donors overall!

We’re going for the daily $1,000 grant and we’ve designated January 30th as Easter Seals’ Facebook day of giving to support families living with autism. We want everyone to know that autism is treatable, and there is help and hope available — today.

Please join the Cause, make a donation and spread the word!

Thanks for doing all you can to help.


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