Health care decision a big win

Katy Neas, senior vice president of government relations here at Easter Seals, was one of the disability advocates quoted in a story in Disability Scoop about last week’s Supreme Court decision to uphold sweeping changes to America’s health care system. From the article:

Meanwhile, leaders from a host of national organizations representing individuals with developmental disabilities praised the decision.

“People with disabilities and their families have their lives dictated by the status of their health insurance,” said Katy Neas, senior vice president of government relations at Easter Seals. “The Supreme Court’s ruling today tells these families they can make decisions about what is best for them as a family, and not be controlled by fear of losing health insurance coverage.”

The article goes on to spell out provisions of the health care reform law that are especially significant for people with disabilities, then quotes Jonathan Young (chair of the National Council on Disability) and Marty Ford, (director of public policy at The Arc) hailing the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold sweeping changes to the nation’s health care system as a victory for people with disabilities. Nearly all of the Affordable Care Act was ruled constitutional last Thursday, which means additional provisions of the 2010 law can take effect between now and 2014.


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