Hard-fought changes to the Affordable Care Act

ACAThis week, Easter Seals is pleased to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. This measure signaled a new commitment to making health care available and accessible, particularly for people with disabilities.

Easter Seals supports the changes included in the Affordable Care Act and, in particular, the insurance market reforms and affordability provisions.

“These were hard-fought changes,” said Randall L. Rutta, the President and CEO of Easter Seals, “but they are significant in the pursuit of affordable, quality health care for those who have had difficulty attaining or retaining insurance coverage in the past.”

By the end of the most recent open enrollment period on January 31, 2016, nearly 20 million people have gained insurance since October of 2013 through the Affordable Care Act. Easter Seals believes that the continuing goal of this effort is to assure that all people have access to quality, affordable health care that meets their individual needs. It is through these fundamental changes in the health care system that we can enable all Americans, including people with disabilities and chronic conditions, to be healthy, functional, live as independently as possible and participate in their communities.

Now, a parents’ insurance policy can cover an adult child with a disability until they are 26, a child can not be refused insurance coverage due to a pre-existing condition and lifetime limits on insurance coverage are prohibited. Access to appropriate and high quality health care services is essential for people with disabilities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

This law opened a door to making that possible.

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