Handicap This!

Tim and Mike, photo coutrtesy of Handicap ThisA guy named Tim Wambach left a message on the Easter Seals Facebook page a few weeks ago inviting us to come up with a guest post for the Handicap This blog.

Handicap what?! I’d never heard of the blog before and had to check them out before agreeing to write anything for them. Here’s what I found out: Mike Berkson has cerebral palsy, and he met Tim Wambach when Wambach became his aide in seventh grade. The two became devoted friends after that. Mike is in his twenties now, and Handicap This is a stage show that details their history together.

The Handicap This web site describes the show as “a provocative look at friendship, breaking down barriers, and living with handicaps — most of all about everyone’s potential.” A quick read of their events page with the help of my talking computer showed that Tim and Mike had performed plenty of gigs in the Chicago area last year, and after reading all this, of course I agreed to write up a little something for them. You can read my guest post on the Handicap This blog — they published it last Friday, and it’s all about how losing my sight has left me opting for live theatre over movies. I’m going to keep my eye (okay, my ear) on their schedule and hope to be able to attend one of their live shows in 2013.


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