Halloween costumes with wheelchairs and walkers? Try Industrial-strength Velcro

girl in costume

Rocket girl!

A blog called Ability Hacker published a post linking to ours about Halloween costumes and heralded the merits of industrial-strength Velcro when it comes time to come up with costumes for kids with disabilities and special needs. Post author Amy said that when doing costumes incorporating her daughter’s walker, one of her favorite clever and crafty tips is using industrial-strength Velcro.

“The stuff is amazing,” Amy writes. “Super sticky back to hold it on, and the Velcro holds super secure.” She says regular craft Velcro can’t hold a candle to it, and to prove her point, she links to costumes she’s put together for her daughter with her walker in year’s past:

Halloween is just a week away, and industrial-strength Velcro might be exactly what you are looking for to make that special costume do what it’s supposed to. Happy costume making!


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