Gus & us: diagnosing autism early

It was great to read Matt’s post yesterday about Easter Seals Bay Area launching an Early Intervention Autism Program to serve children 18 months through 3 years old. A story about autism on the OnMilwaukee blog points out why programs like that are so necessary. The story features Gus, a client we serve at Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin.

When Christine and Eric Prigge’s son, Gus, was 18 months old, they suspected something was amiss. Gus, who has a twin brother, did not respond to his name, made very little eye contact, didn’t play with age-appropriate toys and seemed distant.

At the time, Christine expressed her concerns to Gus’ pediatrician, but was told developmental disabilities in young children could not be diagnosed until 3 years old. At Gus’ next appointment, Christine voiced her observations again and was again told that she would have to wait for a diagnosis. This time, Christine didn’t settle for the doctor’s response, and started talking to friends about her son’s behavior.

This is a story we hear far too often, the wait to get the right diagnosis. Gus’ Mom did the right thing, though — she sought help and got Gus involved with Easter Seals early on. With Autism or any learning delay, early action can mean much higher outcomes for a child.

Gus and his family will be Walk With Me Ambassadors for Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin this year — we’re thrilled to have the Prigge family on our team.


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