Get informed, get involved and vote!

Project Vote Smart, and logosThe vice presidential debate is tonight, Thursday, October 11 at 9:00 p.m. EST. The debate will be broadcast on all national news networks, and with less than one month until Election Day, it is more important than ever to research and pay close attention to the issues affecting people with disabilities on the state and federal level.

In the recent Presidential Debate, President Obama brought up issues relating to people with disabilities twice. In short moments like that, though, it can be difficult to understand his and Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney’s positions. If you weren’t around to listen to the debates, you can read the transcript or listen to the audio here. Our officials make very important decisions regarding funding for special education, employment training, and Medicaid and Medicare, so it is important to make sure that not only do you get out and vote, but that you make your vote count for the issues that affect you and your family members and loved ones with disabilities.

Finding unbiased, honest information about how a candidate stands on a particular issue can be difficult. How can you learn about the facts? Nonpartisan websites like and help sort out fact and fiction. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan website that allows you to enter your address to see candidates and government officials at the city, state and federal level, complete with a history of the candidates so you can see how they voted on issues in the past.

Once you’ve feel you’re ready to make an informed decision, be vocal about it! Consider volunteering for your party’s campaign: participate in a phone bank, organize a candidate forum to educate your peers, work the polls on Election Day. Your vote isn’t just about electing a candidate — when you exercise your right to vote, you’re telling the government that change is important.


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