From “non-verbal” to “social butterfly”

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At 28 months, Kai couldn’t walk, speak, or make contact with others. His parents were told he would be non-verbal and would probably require long-term care. They looked to Easter Seals for help.

Kai began autism services and showed amazing progress after only nine months. Talking was his first noticeable change. Because he was able to communicate, he had more meaningful interactions with family and other children, and began to enjoy activities. No longer isolated, Kai is now a social butterfly! He enjoys playing games and is also on target with spelling, counting, reading and writing.

When young children with special needs and developmental delays are diagnosed and receive early intervention services, they are able to build lifelong skills and achieve their dreams. That’s why Easter Seals is fighting to get children at risk the support they need to build a foundation for a lifetime of learning. Visit our Make The First Five Count site. Read stories about other kids like Kai and access our free developmental milestones screening tool.


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  5. Beth Finke Says:

    Easter Seals offers services to help people with disabilities for their entire lifetime. You can contact Easter Seals information and referral to request information here:
    Not sure where you live, but if you are anywhere near Chicago there is The Autism Program of Illinois (of which Easter Seals is a support) that offers parent support in is a wealth of information about programs for individuals with autism. Contact information for the Autism Program of Illinois can be found here:

  6. Laura Says:

    Is Easter Seals only available for young kids. My son is 15. He has been diagnosed with Autism since the age of 4.

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