Freddie Mac offers internships for people with autism!

Freddie Mac and Autistic Self Advocacy Network logosInternships are a great way to gain professional experience and build your resume to land future employment opportunities. Freddie Mac clearly knows about the benefits of internships as they are partnering with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and have launched the ASAN-Freddie Mac Internship Program.

Freddie Mac is a mortgage finance company. This new program is focused on finding people with autism for the following roles:

  • Architecture and Data Services Intern
  • SF CFO Strategy, Planning and Development Analyst Intern
  • Planning and Development Analyst
  • Securities Internship
  • Testing Internship

Not being super savvy in the mortgage industry, I’m not even sure what these jobs entail. The good news is that the position descriptions are listed on the ASAN website. The internships are in the Washington, D.C. area and are 16 weeks in duration.

How fantastic that a company as large as Freddie Mac is stepping up and promoting internships for individuals with autism. I hope that other companies hear about the success of this program and consider starting their own.

Individuals with autism have difficulty finding and maintaining employment. Sharing the news of a successful internship program like this might break down barriers and raise awareness that individuals with autism can be valuable employees.


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