Eat ice cream — it’s good for you!

The Mead familySnowy weather isn’t the only winter tradition up and down the East Coast — so is Friendly’s Cones for Kids! This is Friendly’s 31st annual Cones for Kids and the campaign has raised more than $27 million for Easter Seals since 1981.

Several Easter Seals clients and their families visited Friendly’s headquarters in Wilbraham, Mass., last week to kick off the campaign. Kelli Mead told her family’s story during the festivities. Her son, Carter, is a true early intervention (EI) success story! Born with a condition called tretramelia, Carter is missing bones throughout his body which resulted in anomalies on all four limbs.

Because of the EI services Carter received, he now has an equal chance to learn, grow and achieve his dreams just like his peers. Today Carter is a thriving five year-old boy. He is strong, happy and fearless.

Now through Valentine’s Day, you can support Easter Seals Camp Friendly’s programs for kids with autism and other disabilities every time you visit a Friendly’s Restaurant. Not only will you help kids like Carter, but you’ll be rewarded with a sheet of Valentine Cards! The Valentine Cards can be redeemed at Friendly’s for 5 free Kids Cones through March 14, 2012.

Funds raised in Friendly’s Cones for Kids program support Easter Seals Camp Friendly’s in nearly 30 different locations. Camp Friendly’s provides an opportunity for kids with autism and other disabilities to be included in regular camp activities like boating, swimming, archery, ropes courses, horseback riding, hiking and fishing.

So put down the shovels, turn off the snow blower and go ahead and enjoy some ice cream at a Friendly’s restaurant near you. You’ll not only enjoy a tasty treat, but you’ll feel good about supporting essential disability camp programs in your community. Sweet!


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