Easter Seals Autism Spokesperson Network

Yesterday I gave a short talk about blogging at our annual Easter Seals Autism Spokesperson Network meeting. The Easter Seals Autism Spokesperson Network is made up of autism experts who work at Easter Seals affiliates throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. They use their professional experience to serve as media resources — to get the message out that autism is treatable, and that people with autism can and do lead meaningful lives. They were all in Chicago yesterday to share ideas and get an update on the great things Easter Seals is doing for people with autism and their families. They were also learning good ways to let others know about all these services.

If you’re reading this post, you know that one of the best ways to get the word out is … blogging! For over a year now I’ve been telling people I’m the only blind woman in America being paid to moderate a blog. I’m not sure that’s true, but so far no one has challenged me on that statement. Now I add yet another unsubstantiated claim to my resume: I am the only blind woman in America leading sessions encouraging others to blog.

Keep an eye (for those of you using screen readers, an ear!) on our Easter Seals autism blog — If I did my job well during our presentation yesterday, you’ll soon be reading posts about autism from bloggers all over the country.


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  1. Tina Outrich Says:

    Beth, It was refreshing and exciting to hear about blogging again, I must admit I heard your presentation last year and was one of those ASN people who thought I couldn’t blog, didn’t know how, etc. and look at me now I’m blogging for the first time. Thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge.

  2. Beth Finke, blog moderator Says:

    Aw, shucks. You both are right: that dog is smart, and she’s cute, too! You can see photos of Hanni her on my personal blog, it’s called the “Safe & Sound” blog and you can link to it here:

    Thanks for the plug, Jeanne!

  3. Jeanne Sowa Says:

    I loved how you referred to Hanni, your seeing-eye dog, as “the blonde.” People need to check out how cute Hanni is–look at the illustrations in Beth’s book (please link to it here.)

  4. Kathy Patrick Says:

    …and you’re the only blind woman I know who coordinates her wardrobe with her co-presenter! That is one smart dog!!