DJ Mermaid’s COVID-19 Diary: “DJ in Isolation”

A young lady wearing glasses and a cloth face mask with flower printI am pleased to have 13-year-old guest blogger Anja Herrman back with us today. I got to know Anja very well when she was nine years old and learning at home during a casting program (casts on both legs from her hips down to her ankles). She was schooled at home for two months back then, and I was her at-home writing tutor. Many of her completed assignments were published as guest posts here on our Easterseals National blog, and you can read this post from 2016 to learn how and why she had all her posts back then published under the pen name DJ Mermaid. An 8th grader now, DJ Mermaid is a Disability Activist and goes by her real name.

DJ in Isolation: A Guest Blog about Coronavirus

by Anja Herrman

Hello everyone! Firstly, I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing measures. These times can be challenging and wacky but hang in there. We will all get through this together.

School, for one, is different, to say the least. Now, instead of trekking to school, I get to lie in bed and complete my assignments. Great, right? Well, five years ago when I spent months at home with my legs in casts, I wrote a DJ Mermaid post called A Day in My Fin, I am bringing back that old blog post idea and am showing you “A Day in my Fin”-Coronavirus Edition.

  • 8:00- Wake up, flip over and pick out a book to read for a while
  • 8:45- Finish book and eat breakfast. Usually, this is normally something really good since my mom is home all the time now and has hopped on the baking train-hard!
  • 9:00-9:45- This is school time. Usually, I am done pretty quickly since my school is adapting a “social emotional learning” approach during coronavirus
  • 10-11: I usually do a multitude of things during this time- go outside, play scooter basketball, do a puzzle with my mom- anything to take my mind off coronavirus
  • LUNCHTIME- Food is definitely the best part of my day. I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s line of frozen Indian dishes. They are amazing!
  • 1:00-3:00- Usually during this time I listen to an audiobook. I finally got an Audible membership, since they have made certain books free while schools are closed
  • 3:00-5:00- I play The Sims 4 during this time. The franchise is starting their #StayandPlay hashtag and I love the fact they are doing this during quarantine and giving me time to relax. Also PSA: The Sims is a life simulation game and it is a great way to virtually live out your life normally.
  • 5-8:30- We have dinner and have family time. Right now my whole family is watching Parks and Recreation together. Leslie Knope is super funny.

So, congratulations. you’ve made it through a day in my fin, quarantine edition!


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