Disaster Preparedness when you have a disability

Communities across the United States face the threat of disasters almost every day, both large and small, and nearly 25 percent of the people in these communities are children. Some of these children have disabilities, and that’s why the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies recently invited Easter Seals to provide expertise for a workshop called Medical and Public Health Preparedness, Response and Recovery Considerations for Children.

Easter Seals also addressed the unique needs of children with disabilities on a panel called “Augmenting the Reach of Public Health Planning through Community Action,” and many disaster preparedness resources were highlighted at the meeting. Here are two resources that address specific needs of individuals with disabilities:

There is much to be learned and done to ensure ALL people are safe in an emergency, and I look forward to Easter Seals continuing to play an important role in making all communities safe for all members.


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  1. Patricia Wright Says:

    Kathy – we hear from many adults who have a tough time getting services/supports. I’m not sure what state you live-in but in every state you can contact your Council on Developmental Disabilities (http://www.nacdd.org/site/home.aspx) each state council can be found here: http://www.nacdd.org/about-nacdd/councils-on-developmental-disabilities.aspx. The Counci on Developmental Disabilities is an excellent place to start to learn about what services and supports are available in your geographic region.

    United Cerebral Palsy (http://www.ucp.org/) is an organization that has many years of providing information and support with a focus on cerebral palsy. You can find out if UCP has local resources here: http://www.ucp.org/findaffiliate

    Hope that you can find information that will support you in getting what you need.

  2. kathy Says:

    I’m 21 I just found out I had cp I need a lot info who can help with paying for my pt since insurance don’t cover it

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