Delivering a message of hope

Today’s What’s My Line? column in the Chicago Sun-Times features a story about Maurice Snell, Easter Seals’ 2007 National Adult Representative.

Maurice started attending our Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago Autism Therapeutic Day School when he was six years old. As he says in the Sun-Times interview, Easter Seals helped him change his perspective. “When I first entered, I was crying. I did not want to talk. I was shy. But they helped me to dig deep into myself, come out of my shell to be the creative Maurice Snell that is here today.”

These days, Maurice is busy promoting Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago’s Autism Therapeutic Day School. He described his speaking tour to the Sun-Times like this: “I go to different places across the United States and tell people the experience I had here and what (this organization) can do for those who are living with autism. So I’m here to deliver a message.”

How fortunate we are at Easter Seals to have Maurice Snell as our messenger.

To learn more about “the creative Maurice Snell that is here today,” be sure to watch his movie.

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