Check out this Sketch-A-Space contest sample entry!

Zane's Future Quest 5000 Sketch-A-Space entryOur Sketch-A-Space contest is off and running and one of the contestants has agreed to let us use his entry as a sample. Zane attends Carnegie Mellon University,an incredibly esteemed institute of higher education. He is a friend to both Easter Seals and Google SketchUp, and his entry is a great example of how the Sketch-A-Space contest provides a great learning opportunity for those living with autism — and for those interested in autism, too.

Read Zane’s entry below, take a look at his model, and see how SketchUp is helping Zane achieve his employment dreams.

I would like a career in video game making, and Google SketchUp helps me make models and landscapes relevant to video games. One of the big advantages of Google SketchUp is that it is very easy to pick up and create something interesting. I have very little free time because of my college courses, but I learned many skills for making things in SketchUp in a short period.

At my school, I am in the Game Creation Society, a club where students from various disciplines work together to make a computer game within a semester. In the future, when I get the chance to run my own project, I could use SketchUp to show one of the artists on my team a design for a level or an object in the game. Then they would understand what it should look like, and could draw it in more detail.

The design of my model reflects the type of games I like – those with large, epic battles typically in big cities. I have been interested in robots since I was a kid, and I also like to think about where technology will take us and what the future will hold. I chose to make a city for these reasons. This fits well with Google SketchUp because I found it easy to duplicate buildings and edit multiple buildings at once with the tools available. The program not only gives me the ability to make my own objects, such as the futuristic trees, but also it makes it easy to download objects made by others from the Google 3D warehouse, such as the giant purple robot and the Tokyo Sky Tree. There are objects within the buildings meant as part of an imaginary video game level, so I made 3D text to indicate the start and end positions of the level.

Take a chance, create your entry for the Sketch-A-Space contest before December 15 — you could win $3,000!


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  1. Rachel Says:

    Hi Steve,

    The voting will be open to the public from February 13-20. We extended the contest deadline, so the voting got pushed back a bit. Check back next week! 🙂

  2. Steve Says:

    When are the winners going to be posted for voting? The rules say that the winners will be chosen by votes and notified by February 6th which has passed.