Check out these new impact videos from Wisconsin

Let’s talk impact. And no, I’m not talking about asteroids striking the earth or some other cosmic fear like that. I’m talking about Easter Seals impact.

Lyndsay Goldammer, Senior Interventionist, speaking to the camera in a screenshot of the autism services videoOur team at Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin recently read The End of Fundraising by Jason Saul. The premise of the book is that non-profits need to understand what impact their services have on the community, beyond just numbers served or social good. We reviewed the literature to establish what impact our services have on Southeast Wisconsin. What we learned is with the right services and supports we improve not just the life of one individual, but their family and local employers. We impact taxpayers, too: as an individual’s independence grows, their need of public support decreases.

Derek Goodman, Associate Director of Adult Day and Inclusion Services in a screenshot of the adult day services videoSo far this blog post has the impact of making you sleepy, so allow me to debut our two impact videos. One video is about autism services, and the other video is about adult day services. Each one features people who are directly touched by our services and their families while also recognizing the impact we make at the community level. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed putting them together. In other words, I hope they make an impact!


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