Check out our iPSA – it’s a hub of information on child development

Watch the iPSAIn June, WGN-TV spent the day at Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley Region shooting interviews and gathering footage to use for the station’s Living Healthy segment about our Make the First Five Count campaign. We had a blast on the shoot and know the WGN crew did too.

Later on we worked with WGN to produce a public service announcement around the importance of early intervention. The PSA aired that month, and then Easter Seals used The footage from that WGN shoot to create an internet public service announcement (iPSA) that you can see online.

Our iPSA is a hub of information on child development and encourages parents and caregivers to take an online developmental screening of children under age five.

More than one million kids enter school with unidentified disabilities every year, and the Ages & Stages Questionnaire online survey gives parents an easy and free way to make sure their kids are reaching important developmental milestones. Produced by Brookes Publishing, the Ages & Stages Questionnaire is widely used by pediatricians and health care experts and is recognized as the industry standard for developmental screenings for kids under age five.

Parents and caregivers might know right away if a child has a physical disability, but other social and language delays can be more difficult to recognize. For example, if a parent knows what their child is saying, but others have trouble understanding him or her, it could indicate a communication delay.

The Ages & Stages Questionnaire invites parents and caregivers to answer age-specific questions. The results will help you see if your child’s developmental progress is on schedule and alert you to concerns that you can discuss with your health care provider.

I’ll be writing more next week about the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and our fun and informational Make the First Five Count internet public service announcement, and I hope you’ll give it a look before then. I have a feeling you’ll learn as much out of watching it as we learned putting it together.


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