Chance the Rapper wants us to vote: What to do if you have any problems tomorrow

Chance the Rapper’s giving a free outdoor concert later this afternoon here in Chicago along with Twin Peaks, Malcolm London, and Chance’s brother Taylor Bennett. It’s for a good cause: Chance got these acts together to remind people to vote Tuesday, if they haven’t already. I’m a fan of Chance the Rapper, and I’m a fan of voting. I’ll be there.

Chance is on the GOTV case.

Chance is on the GOTV case.

I wrote a post here last week about times I’ve had problems accessing the talking voting machines at our local polling place in the past, and though I’m hoping for the best tomorrow, I’ll be heading to the booth armed with special phone numbers just in case.  Easterseals has put together a comprehensive resource for people with disabilities to use on election day, which includes a wallet card with important numbers on it for you to take with you to the polls. Take a look.

These are some of the hotlines that’ll be ready to help people with disabilities who have problems voting:

  • U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Voting Section: for complaints related to ballot access, call 800-253-3931. TTY: 877-267-8971
  • Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights under Law Election Protection Hotline: For help with disability/access issues, call 866-OURVOTE (866.6878683).

Here in Illinois, Equip for Equality will have advocates available by telephone to answer questions about any voting problem people with disabilities might experience. You can call them when the polls are open tomorrow at 800.537.2632, or TTY at 800.610.2779.

In some previous elections my issue with the voting machine couldn’t be resolved, and my husband, who can see, had to sign an affidavit to be able to help me with a written ballot. Voting specialists on these hotlines recorded details and referred my issue “to the proper authorities for follow-up action.”

My hope is that the follow-up worked, and that things go smoothly tomorrow. Not only for me, but for all of us at the polling places. And if not, it is reassuring to know there are people on these hotlines ready to help.


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