Celebrating bubble wrap

My plan today was to post some tips on buying holiday gifts for kids who have autism. As I often do, I checked a blog called Autism Vox for ideas. In a November 20 post, Kristina Chew pretty much says to forget the gift — concentrate on the wrapping!

Chew writes that her son Charlie, who has autism, “took a liking to bubble wrap a few years ago. He had long showed more interest in the ribbons and wrapping paper than in the actual presents themselves, no matter how elaborate a Playmobil set was concealed inside. Popping the plastic bubbles seemed to provide a sensory experience in several ways: Charlie could fell the thin plastic flattening beneath his fingers, and he could hear the effects: Pop, pop!”

Further research revealed that Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is January 28 — of course, you probably already knew that! But did you know that is also the day Sealed Air Corporation — creator of bubble wrap — announces the grand prize winner of their annual Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors?!

Among this year’s 15 semi-finalists: Hannah Haas – a 13-year-old from Charlotte, N.C. — designed bubble wrap wallpaper to engage and stimulate children with autism.

Watch this blog for results on January 28. In the meantime, happy popping!


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