Capturing that moment of joy

Watch the video of the son welcoming his dadI was going through my twitter feed and found an amazing video showing a father seeing his child walk for the first time. Do you remember when your child first walked, the stages he or she went through? First, learning to stand by, holding an object they might be tempted to walk towards? After they learn to stand, they just think about getting to something they want. As a parent, you put out their favorite item to tempt them to walk and finally it happens like a thunder bolt, they walk. They never stop walking. Your life changes as a parent, now the world is accessible to your child and you must protect them from cords, outlets, you name it.

The first steps in life, whether in walking or in learning to talk, are dramatic moments of growth, and it’s why we believe every child deserves the best start in life.

Over here at Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin, first steps like these are common, but we don’t always have video to catch that moment of joy in a parent’s eye. It is so special. And oh, did I forget to mention? The Dad in the video I saw was returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, and his son lives with Cerebral Palsy. His wife wanted this young father to see his son walk for the first time, and it all happened at the soldier’s homecoming.

So just watch this video, but I warn you: you may need a tissue! This moment reminds me of the tremendous sacrifices our men and women in the military and their families are making for us. Some are unable to see their child’s birth and others miss major moments in their child’s life from first steps to graduation.

With Memorial Day coming up, I hope you’ll put out your flag to salute these dedicated men and women. And if you see a veteran, make sure you thank them. Remember, freedom isn’t free. Someone else paid the price for us. God Bless America, and happy Memorial Day!


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