Brothers and sisters are special too!

Summer Siblings group leader Maura Loftus helps Ryan Maude of Palatine with painting while he waits for his siblings to join him after therapy. A story in the Daily Herald describes how a grant from the Amicus Foundation will help Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley Region continue providing services to families of children with disabilities.

The grant will fund continued support services for parents and siblings of children with disabilities through a part-time parent liaison, a Summer Siblings Program and a Parent Resource Library.

Our Summer Sibling Program provides children who have siblings with autism or other disabilities with the opportunity to meet other siblings who understand and know what it’s like to have a brother or sister with special needs. The summer program (run by two college interns specializing in the social service field and supervised by one of our social workers) serves as a reminder that as we think of the many, many children we serve who are diagnosed with autism, there are hundreds more who are affected in their family relationships.

A big thank you to Amicus Foundation for supporting this program — the Amicus Foundation has contributed to social services here since 2006.


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  1. Patricia Wright Says:

    Crystal – thanks for sharing information about how important siblings are in the world of disability services and supports. A sibling relationship has incredible longevity (longer than parenthood!). We must support siblings in meaningful ways to ensure their needs are being met too. The Sibling Support Project ( has some great information on this topic.

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