Book review: Paula Kluth’s “You’re Going to Love this Kid!”

Cover of 'You're Going To Love This Kid!'

Students with autism are becoming more frequent members of general education classrooms. You’re Going to Love This Kid!: Teaching Students With Autism in the Inclusive Classroom, by Paula Kluth, Ph.D., is a unique resource dedicated solely to inclusion and individuals with autism.

Kluth’s book is engaging and informative. The intended audience is classroom teachers, but parents and other professionals working towards inclusive schools will be interested in this book as well.

The opening chapter of the book includes first-person accounts of students who experience autism. These individuals give the reader clarity and insight from a first-person viewpoint about the experience of having autism. Kluth then addresses inclusive schooling and the ins and outs of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Kluth addresses the role of the teacher, placing emphasis on the educator’s ability to support inclusive schooling. Another chapter addresses collaboration, describing how all members of an educational team can cooperate to promote an inclusive school.

Kluth provides practical and creative methods for solving some of the challenges that individuals with autism present in an inclusive environment. Solutions for adapting classrooms to support student participation in classwork, as well as school routines and social activities, are provided.

Another excellent chapter addresses literacy and the importance of literacy instruction for students with autism. And another focuses on challenging behavior, emphasizing a positive approach and encouraging environmental and sensory accommodations to promote positive behavior change.

Kluth provides helpful hints from veteran teachers and individuals with autism throughout this vibrant book. You’re going to love this kid provides a positive view of how inclusive education can be achieved for learners with autism. The mixture of practical solutions with inspiring real-life stories is an excellent resource.


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  1. JenniferWomack Says:

    I am excited to hear such a positive attitude about inclusion. I have a 6yr old autistic son. We was blessed this year with 2 wonderful teachers who pushed and pushed til my son got into a pre-k class in our school. My son has grown and achieved so much in the short time he has been in the regular classroom. Not to mention our pre-k teachers are the best as well. It’s not an easy road to get them included but it is well worth the ride!