Book Review: Celeste Shally’s “Since We’re Friends: An Autism Picture Book”

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Last night my kids and I read Since We’re Friends: An Autism Picture Book by Celeste Shally (with a Foreword by Alison Singer of Autism Speaks).

Reading the book reminds me how important it is that we educate our “neuro-typical” kids about autism. Whether we realize it or not, they are encountering children with autism on a daily basis in their classrooms all over the country. Unfortunately, children living with an autism spectrum disorder are often misunderstood by their peers. Without education regarding characteristics of autism and ways they can help friends in their class, children really don’t know what to do.

Since We’re Friends does a nice job of using a story to explain common behaviors of kids with autism and then demonstrating ways other kids can be helpful. This is a great book for every K-4 classroom!


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  1. Christinna Says:

    I am looking to get in touch with Celeste. Is there anyone who can give her my email address? Thanks so much!


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