Blogging by ear

Hello, I’m Beth Finke, Easter Seals’ Interactive Community Coordinator. I’m thrilled to be hearing from you all. What that fancy “Interactive Community Coordinator” title means is that I’m the one moderating this new autism blog at Easter Seals. I’ll be reading through blog comments on a daily basis and forwarding your comments to Easter Seals blog authors and information and referral staff. We want you all to feel comfortable sharing information and interacting with one another — that way this online community will thrive.

I should tell you — I have firsthand experience with disabilities. I am blind and use assistive technology. A computer program called JAWS reads the text on my screen out loud. That’s how I’m able to read your comments to the blog. I also have a grown son who has developmental and mental disabilities of his own. What that all means is I am familiar with — and have an inherent interest in — the services and feelings you all are writing about when it comes to dealing with disabilities. You are not alone.

If you have any questions about my role as blog moderator or our community guidelines, don’t hesitate to ask. And keep your comments, questions and recommendations coming!

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