Because of Mary

By now you’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding a certain political pundit’s use of the “R” word. Easter Seals’ friend Ellen Siedman from Love That Max has explained to readers again and again why this word is offensive. We waited for an apology, but a post on Disability Scoop confirms we aren’t going to receive one.

While reading through these articles, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite blog, The Wise Guise and my friend Joseph’s post there about Mary, his sister who has special needs. After reading his heartfelt words, excuses like “it’s just slang” and “it wasn’t directed toward your kid” seem moot. I’ve easily sliced this word from my vocabulary. Why? It’s because of people like Mary.


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  1. Julie Harston Says:

    We were certainly luckily when our daughter married into the Williams family and Mary Rose became a permanent part of our family. What a joy to read Joseph’s words and know what a blessing Mary Rose has been to his family and now is to ours.