Autism Spokesperson Network

I spent so much time in yesterday’s post bragging about blogging blind — and about the blogging session my colleagues and I will present at tomorrow’s Easter Seals Autism Spokesperson Network meeting — I neglected to explain exactly what the Easter Seals Autism Spokesperson Network is.

So, enough of the self-adulation and on to more interesting matters — the Autism Spokesperson Network consists of a group of Easter Seals individuals from all over the country.

These Easter Seals autism experts and marketing professionals are meeting for the next two days in Chicago. They’ll work together with Easter Seals’ partner, the Autism Society of America (ASA), to create new ways to build interest in autism as a cause and educate the public about autism.

The group will discuss the many treatment options available and how people with autism can make significant progress and lead independent lives. In short, they’ll discuss how there is hope for families living with autism.

Throughout the year, members of the Autism Spokesperson Network will post their observations, ideas and comments about autism services here on the Easter Seals and Autism blog. It’ll be terrific to hear new voices on the blog — and what a relief from the blogging blind boasts!


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  1. Beth Finke, Blog Moderator Says:

    Aw, shucks. Thanks for the comment to my blog post, Bob! I’m guessing the only reason the person at your dinner table thought I could be a comedian was
    that never in a million years did anyone think a lecture about blogging could be…well…funny! Glad you enjoyed the talk, and even happier that it motivated
    you to comment to the blog! Can’t wait to read a blog post authored by you, Bob,  in the future…! 

  2. Bob Glowacki Says:


    Beth is too modest. I heard Beth speak yesterday as part of the Autism Spokesperson training. She would make a wonderful voice for those affected by ASD. One person at dinner asked if she did stand up comedy in the past!

    Thanks for a great talk Beth!

  3. Beth Finke Says:

    I am flattered by your idea, but honestly, I don’t qulify to be a spokesperson — I am not an Easter Seals autism expert, nor am I a marketing professional! My status as blog moderator means I will continue to blog from time to time, though, so please stay tuned. And continue commenting to our blog!

  4. Maddy Says:

    Maybe you could put yourself forward as a spokesperson?
    BEst wishes

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