August is the best month

Hello, folks! I know you probably miss me on the Easter Seals and Autism blog right about now. Well, I miss you too!

A lot has happened to me over the past few weeks and there will be more to come. My reign as Easter Seals’ 2007 National Adult Representative is coming to an end, but I’m willing to spend my final two months in grand fashion!

Recently, I traveled with Alex Steele, Associate Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations at Easter Seals, to New York for a great cause. The event featured many people golfing to fight autism. It was held at the perfect location too — the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet the Donald, as I had hoped to on my trip, but it was a great experience helping to raise substantial money toward Easter Seals and autism.

On August 23, I will be traveling to Decatur, Illinois for another Easter Seals event, courtesy of Easter Seals Central Illinois. I will get the chance to do many things, for example, being a part of the President’s Council and being on TV! And I hope to run into some of my family members (on my mother’s side) in Decatur.

It would be fitting to see family I don’t get to see often. They’ll hear my inspirational message to families of a loved one with autism. It’s important to always show your love for that person because that person has a unique gift and may use it during his lifetime.

On another note, I will be turning 24 this month! I will celebrate my golden birthday this Friday, August 24. Feel free to wish me a happy birthday via comments or emails. I will get back to you to give my thanks!

Right now I give my thanks to you for supporting Easter Seals and those families who know someone living with autism. I encourage you to keep up the good work and show that great support for that special someone!


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  1. Beth Finke, Blog Moderator Says:

    Hey Maurice – You never wrote to tell us what you did for your birthday –

  2. Maurice Snell Says:

    Thanks, Beth for your belated birthday wishes! I will definitely look forward to seeing you again in Washington, D.C. this October. By the way, your blogs on the Easter Seals Web Site are GREAT! I need to step up my game to be as good as you!

  3. Beth Finke Says:

    Twenty-four on the 24th – that’s your Golden Birthday! Have fun celebrating, I’ll give you belated birthday wishes in person this October at the National Convention in Washington, DC.

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