Assisting each other … with assistive technology

I am pleased to introduce Sara Croft, our Social Media and Events Coordinator here at Easter Seals Crossroads, as a guest blogger today.

Comcast increases access to assistive technology

by Sara Croft

The last time you attended a class, seminar, workshop or conference, did you learn by having conversations with fellow participants, asking questions and forging relationships that continued beyond the training?

People who are learning to use assistive technologies for work, school or independent living are often taught by an instructor one-on-one and don’t have the benefit of establishing peer-relationships with others who use the same types of assistive technology. The Comcast Foundation recognizes this need and has awarded the Assistive Technology Center at Easter Seals Crossroads a $35,000 grant to design POLLCAT, the Pilot Online Learning Community for Assistive Technology.

This project is designed as a pilot program to explore various on-line teaching methods that are accessible and allow for peer-to-peer interaction. The anticipated result is an accessible system that will be appropriate for training users of assistive technology, regardless of their physical location. POLLCAT will have the overall effect of increasing access to assistive technology training and peer-support while reducing the need for assistive technology trainers and specialists to travel to provide services. If you have questions or would like to know more about POLLCAT or assistive technology, feel free to contact Wade Wingler, our Director of Assistive Technology, at wwingler(at)eastersealscrossroads(dot)org.


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