An update on Maurice’s summer

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog to the Easter Seals and Autism Web site. I haven’t really traveled outside of Illinois lately, but I will soon. However, I am excited about the changes at Easter Seals and how that will affect many Chicagoans (and Americans as well).

It wasn’t until the last week before summer break — Father’s Day to be exact — that I participated in a 5K Run and Walk to raise awareness about autism. I was fortunate to reunite with the people who work for Easter Seals Joliet and they were thrilled to have me and the family come a long way to join them. At first, I was nervous because I haven’t sprinted in a long time; I feared that I was out of shape and couldn’t keep up with the others. But fortunately, I did not dare to run; I contributed by walking with the other walkers and help spread the message to the town that the children need our help today. Our mission was to gather everyone up in the community and work hard to reach the ultimate goal. In the end, everyone has reached their goal.

Another great thing I’ve discovered: I’m beginning to see the new Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago Therapeutic Day School and Center for Autism Research come to form. We just had the groundbreaking ceremony this past October — my, how time flies! The construction people have been working like clockwork putting the new school together. One week, I just saw pictures of the day-by-day construction on the Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago Web site. Then one week later, they began building up from the ground, up to the second floor of the building. We have to give the construction workers credit for doing a job well done. This is already a start of a greater future for Easter Seals in Chicago and the nation.

As for traveling, I’ll be back to it soon! My next trip is back to Dallas, Texas for a fundraiser for Easter Seals in Greater Dallas, so I’ll hope to report to you about it soon! I wish you all a great summer!


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  1. Maurice Snell Says:

    All right, Shirley! Thanks for posting my blog up! Hope to see you soon!

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