An “adults with autism” success story on Chicago’s ABC 7 News

Karen Meyer image courtesy of ABC 7 NewsOnce a semester, a Disability Culture class from DePaul University takes a field trip to my apartment. The idea is for students to get a glimpse, so to speak, of what it’s like to be blind and live in a big city.

The class is taught by Karen Meyer. In addition to teaching at DePaul, Karen is a reporter for Chicago’s ABC 7 (WLS-TV) News. Oh, and did I mention? She happens to be deaf.

Karen can read lips, and I’ve learned to use a lot of gestures and always face her when we talk. Her class came over just this past Tuesday, and this time when I talked with the students I didn’t just talk about blindness. I talked about autism too.

Turns out that in her job as a reporter, Karen Meyer had mentioned Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago in a story she did on ABC 7 News. Remember the post we published here about Harry’s Buttons? Well, Karen’s TV feature was about the company too. Button Company Employs Adults with Autism covered Easter Seals’ partnership with Harry’s Buttons, where clients produce and sell custom-made buttons, magnets and key chains. Employees with autism are involved in all levels of the business, and meaningful, individualized positions are created to use the talents and skills of these individuals. Learn more by visiting


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  1. Cleo Says:

    For some added visual interest, we added faux “trim” around the perimeter of the ceiling.
    In summary, whatever you do, don’t be a nag about anyone’s addiction to smoking.
    Pictures of palm trees, orchids, a beach, Hawaiian architecture, hula girl,
    or actual framed photographs taken in Hawaii, etc.

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  3. Freeman Kaufusi Says:

    We might think that we know what success is, due to the fact we are inclined to delineate success as though it happened to be a target. The simple truth is success is more similar to a journey than a destination.

  4. Dennis Says:

    I saw that piece on TV , too. Very cool.

  5. Kelly Anne Ohde Says:

    Thanks Beth for posting this story! Ms. Meyer is such an advocate and an inspiration to all of those affected by disabilities. The ABC 7 News interview with Ms. Meyer was truly an amazing experience for our students/clients with Autism!

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