Alan Jackson’s donation is “Right on the Money”

My job as moderator of the Easter Seals and autism blog rarely takes me to the world of country music, but thanks to the generous donation country music superstar Alan Jackson recently made to Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau counties, my eyes (okay, my ears!) have been opened.

First, some background. Alan Jackson agreed to do a benefit for Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau counties last month, and before the concert he spent some time with Easter Seals clients. As reported in the News Tribune, a newspaper Serving North Central Illinois:

The country superstar met 3-year-old Corvin Berg and his mom, grandmother and aunt last week as part of a meet and greet with the children and families of Easter Seals of La Salle and Bureau Counties. He was impressed with the difference that Easter Seals had made in Corvin’s life and the lives of the other children in the area, according to Diana Baron of d.baron media relations.

Unfortunately, the concert after the Meet and greet ended up as a large financial loss for organizers, which means there was nothing left over to donate to Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau counties. Alan Jackson heard about this later and dug into his own pocket to donate directly to the cause. Shelley Threadgill, marketing director for Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau counties, was the one to receive the overnighted envelope from Alan Jackson. She assumed the envelope contained an autographed picture, and boy, was she surprised to see what was inside instead!

“Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed. “This is beyond belief. Alan’s concern for us is outstanding. We cannot even take it all in yet.”

The amount of the check? Twenty thousand dollars. Threadgill said the generous donation will have a significant impact on many programs that have been affected by the economy, including their autism resource center.

“This is a miracle. Thank you so much to Alan from the children and families of Easter Seals.”


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