AIM to increase your knowledge about autism

Google the word “autism” and take a guess at the number of results …

78,600,000 — that is NOT a typo. More than 78 million hits. I hate to break it to everyone, but not every one of those hits contains quality information.

The University of Google (as I affectionately call a Google Search) has become the go-to source for information in today’s society. Families and professionals type “autism” into Google and then attempt to sort through millions of entries. What a challenge!

At Easter Seals we want to help families access quality resources. My personal favorites :

These three do a great job of sharing information with families and professionals. A fantastic site for deeper learning about all sorts of topics related to autism is the Autism Internet Modules (AIM). AIM has been providing parents and professionals with up-to-date information since 2007. AIM is organized into 35 learning modules, and 35 more are in development. Each module is designed for self-paced learning. Imbedded video and great print resources support the module content, which has been developed by some of the top autism experts in the world.

AIM really is amazing. The self-paced platform makes it accessible to every learner. More than 55,000 learners in 120 different countries use AIM to increase their knowledge and understanding of autism. And get this: AIM is FREE! That’s right. You can take yourself through those 35 AIM modules, increase your knowledge in autism tremendously, and it won’t cost you a dime. So check it out. Log into AIM, choose a module, and know that you are learning from a quality information source.


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