A Group for Adults with Disabilities Gathers for Fun, Friendship

I am pleased to introduce Molly Wiesman as a guest blogger today. Molly has a long history with Easterseals, having received speech, physical and occupational therapy at Easterseals DuPage and Fox Valley from the time she was six months old until she turned eight. Molly served as an Associate Board Member at Easterseals DuPage and Fox Valley from 2011 to 2014 and has volunteered with various outreach groups there as well.

By Molly Wiesman

A flyer for CDFF's next event. Join CDFF on March 26 from 12 pm to 2 pm at Happy Apple Pie Shop in Oak Park for some pie and to make some new friends.

CDFF’s next event is Sunday, March 26.

I am 31 years old, and I have cerebral palsy. Since I have a disability, it may not surprise you that one of my interests for years has been connecting with other people with disabilities. And so the idea came to me: Maybe there’s a group out there with the sole purpose of helping people with disabilities find other PWDs to socialize with. Perhaps there were others out there like me who wanted this as well.

So I tried to find a group like this. I looked on Meetup.com hoping to find someone else’s group with these kind of goals, but no such group existed.

That’s when I got my idea. In my own life there was a definite lack of structured social opportunities for people with disabilities, so I set out to form my own group. Last December I started a monthly social group specifically for adults with disabilities. I called the group Chicago Disability Friends and Fun, or CDFF.

So far, CDFF has hosted two events. One was bowling, and the other was going out for coffee. And now, this Sunday, March 26, 2017 we will be going to Happy Apple Pie Shop in a Chicago suburb called Oak Park. Happy Apple Pie Shop not only sells pie, but is also a supportive work environment for people with intellectual disabilities.

We also have plans to attend a performance by solo performers with disabilities. The performance is produced by Tellin’ Tales Theatre, a group dedicated to shattering the barriers between the disabled and able-bodied worlds. Tentative summer plans for the group include seeing fireworks at Navy Pier and other fun activities!

Chicago Disability Friends and Fun has a strong presence on social media. CDFF is on Meetup.com, and we are on Facebook too. Anyone 21 and over who has a disability can join by searching Chicago Disability Friends and Fun on either of those websites and asking to join the group. You can also email me directly with questions at chicagodisabilityff@gmail.com. New members are always welcome!


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  1. Julie Says:

    Is there anyone here from WI. I am 36 years old now and have a mild cogntive disablities. It really hard to find social events clubs and meet new people. If anyone knows any social clubs in WI please let me know thanks so much.

  2. Rotrice Smith Says:

    Hello. My name is Rotrice Smith. I have Cerebral Palsy. I just feel so hopeless about finding a job or career that I can really enjoy something that is meaningful in every way.

  3. Trin Says:

    I wanted to know if I could post a fun improv
    Comedy event that will be happening at Guttys Southdale June 15 and 16th for people with disabilities

  4. Heather Carson Says:

    Hi my name is Heather Carson. I have cp and I was wondering if anyone knows of support groups in northfield Ohio. Summit county area.

  5. Heather Carson Says:

    Hi my name is Heather Carson. I have cp and I was wondering if anyone knows of support groups in northfield Ohio. Summit county area. I have come to the realization working is to much for me and I want to volunteer somewhere near where I am located. Thank you!

  6. Julie Keller Says:

    Is this site even working still?

  7. up I could join in New Brunswick Canada? Says:

    Do you know of a group of disabled adults with MS ? I am 70 years old and have no one that understands what I am going through. Would like to talk to someone in New Brunswick or close to NB to support in friendship.

  8. Julie A Says:

    Evonne hi from Julie A what your disability. And are you from WI

  9. Evonne Says:


    This in response to Julie A. How can we correspond?
    Thank you.

  10. Brett Salisbury Says:

    I am a 36 year old Army veteran who has TBI and uses a wheelchair. I am looking for a social group for other young adults who have physical disabilities. I live in Geneva, IL

  11. Julie A. Says:

    Hey I am Julie and I am 35 years old with a mild cognitive disability. Trying to make new friends. From the Wisconsin. Is there any social groups out there or programs or a group on zoom. It really hard to make new friends when you are older.

  12. Sarah Flomberg Says:

    My name is Sandra and I am Sarah’s care taker. She is non verbal however would benefit enormously from interaction with other people can can more easily relate to. This is our first attempt at this. I appreciate any assistance you can offer. Sarah is very lonely and her virtual program is not meeting the Social need aspect that is so fundamental to being a human being. Thank you again so much. Sandra & Sarah

  13. Bria K Brown Says:

    Hello my name is Bria,
    Are there any virtual Groups for adults with learning disabilities?

  14. Dora Castillo Says:

    Looking for a group in Minneapolis, Mn for fun gatherings like bowling,movies etc..

  15. kristen Tullly Says:

    hi my name is kristen tully, I am 47 lookfor social groups with the disability of developmentdailed. I like to go for walks bike shop go out to eat and go the movies. I live in South Portland maine.

  16. Angela Taylor Says:

    Hi,I am 49 years old. 2 time stroke survivor and now l’m looking for a job. My brain still works and I can communicate well on the telephone. My left hand is a little slower than my right. I would love to speak with someone at your earliest convenience.
    Thanks in advance for any help given.
    Angela Taylor

  17. trevion hervey Says:

    Hello my name is trevion I suffer from a tramatic brain injury. I am 24. The only friends I have are my family. I would like to find people to socialize with in my age group and also with the type of disBility I have. Really just want to have friends to hang out with ND do fun activities. I would also like to one day go on a date.

  18. Rick Tschantre Says:

    I’m an individual with a closed head injury. I’m 30 yrs post trama. I belong to local groups for head I jury survivors and was just looking here to see if there was some sort of a group on the internet I could join and share life’s everyday challenges and triumphs. Just to feel some one understands

  19. Alexandria Says:

    i am looking for a (fun outings and activities( group /program, that my son can join here in san antonio,tx. please if you have any information pertaining to my requests please send it my way.. thank you for all of your time and effort, sincerely alexandria and randy

  20. Gregory Sillen Says:

    I am 21 and have cerebral palsy. I live in Middletown Orange County. I am interested in forming a social group.

  21. Shannon Says:

    Looking for a group like this near Glendora California! I have a 24 year old
    With CP.

  22. Sue Says:

    Hello. I have a 31 year old son who has CP. he has been looking for an adult group who he can socialize with We live outside of Philadelphia and would appreciate any help we could get. Thank you and looking forward to
    Hearing back from you

  23. Renee Tabet Says:

    My brother is 50 years old. He has just a small about of cerebral palsy. He needs friends. He needs social activities.My brother drives, lives movies, Zumba, swimming, etc. We live in Colorado Springs. Does anyone know of a social group here. How would I go about starting infer or finding friends that he could socialize with? Please help.

  24. Lynnette Love Says:

    My daughter is 27 and has memory delay she is in desparate need of some social behavior she is feeling alone

  25. Jean Candido Says:

    Do you know of any kind of this type of support group in the Atlanta area, especially young adults with cerebral palsy.

    Jean Candido
    (850) 284-8489
    Atlanta, Georgia

  26. Phyllis Schockner Says:

    I’m 66 in a chair, also Mild CP, visually impaired, EP which makes it harder for me to socialize because I can’t be near Fluresent lights, live in the Sacramento area, know of anything, your right there is nothing on meet up. Thanks.

  27. Kelly Beshai Says:

    I am a 31-year old with cerebral palsy. Looking for groups in the Clearwater Florida area that gather for bowling shopping or just coffee and talk. Please contact me if you know of a group. Thank you Kelly

  28. Donna Saunders Says:

    I am 60 years old and I have two cochlear implants. Someone ne told me that you help people get jobs. I’d like to arrange a meeting with the right person to discuss the possibility.
    It is easier for me to communicate by text or email. Phone is didficut. So please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Donna Saunders
    Austin resident