A view from the top

Eli ReimerEli Reimer is on top of the world. Late last month, the 15-year-old from Oregon made it to base camp on Mount Everest along with his father and friends. That’s 17,600 feet high, and Eli is the first teenager with Down syndrome to make that climb.

He and his team hiked through rocky, snowy terrain in below-freezing temperatures for 10 days to accomplish something really amazing. Eli’s father was at his son’s side on the 70-mile trek, and he reported Eli actually led the way at times. “We were dragging. We were experiencing our own sense of disability as we went up into the mountains,” he said. “He led us all the way to base camp.

Over 2,000 people from all over the country signed a card Easter Seals sent to congratulate Eli on his achievement, and we want to congratulate his family, friends and experienced guides here as well. Support like that is crucial for any person to achieve their dream, whether the dream is climbing the world’s tallest mountain or taking a first step during physical therapy. Way to go, Eli, and way to go, team!


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