A great Celebration of Giving!

I really enjoyed myself at the Easter Seals Celebration of Giving event a few days ago! Every year Easter Seals honors its corporate partners at this event. This year we gathered in Las Vegas.

I was fortunate to meet many people, especially former youth and adult representatives such as Marti Clark, Palmer Harston, Matty Gaughan, Ryan Odens, Chrissy and Elizabeth in honor of the late Lindsey Connelly, and my colleague and former adult representative, Chad Cunningham.

Chad Cunningham and Marti Clark dancing

Chad and Marti cutting a rug at the welcoming reception

It also gives me great joy to run into Tori and Becky Boyles once again. This convention and my life wouldn’t have been complete without them. Overall it’s a great Celebration of Giving event. I thank all of the companies for their contribution to the Easter Seals organization.

The event ended with a great evening of entertainment and humor from Jim Williams and Elgin Manhard, along with the other representatives in the awards ceremony. I absolutely loved the theme of this year’s Celebration of Giving … Oscars night!

Jim Williams carries Oscar onstage

Easter Seals President Jim Williams brings the next “award” to the podium

I was fortunate to present the final award of the evening to Larree Renda, from Safeway, for her contributions and dedication toward Easter Seals. She is a very nice lady and wants nothing back in return; that was also the case of our other award recipients that evening.

Larree Renda receives award for Safeway

Me with Jim Williams, Larree Renda and Elgin Manhard.

So, I would like to thank Jim Williams, Elgin Manhard and the other representatives for making me and Tori feel welcome at this prestigious event. We really enjoyed ourselves and met wonderful people from many different organizations. I encourage the people from these organizations to continue giving 100% to Easter Seals. There will always be hope provided from these organizations who lend a helping hand to those who are in need. That’s what we want in this world today, everyone helping out those in need, for a good cause. We must not give up hope — never.


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  1. Ryan Odens Says:

    Hey Mo,
    You, Chad, and I are like the three stooges!! Meeting you and getting to know you, you were our missing link. You have taught me alot about autism, of which I didn’t know much about. You are a remarkable story and couldn’t know a better person to teach and spread the word about autism. You are definelty an inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work and enjoy your year and years to come with Easter Seals! Take care and hopefully see you soon my friend!!

  2. Maurice Snell Says:

    I would like to thank those people above (including my mother) for their warm comment toward my blog entry. The Celebration of Giving was, for me, the historic event that took place in Easter Seals history. We were fortunate to be a part of that wonderful event and greatly appreciate them for their hard work and dedication. I encourage them to keep up the hard work and I hope to see them again soon!

  3. Brandon G. Major Says:

    It was indeed an honor and privilege to meet you at the Easter Seals Celebration of Giving. Food Lion is definitely committed to Achieving Greatness for people with (dis)Abilities! “Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility and character.”—William Arthur Ward

    Brandon G. Major
    Food Lion

  4. Jennifer Snell Says:


    We all had a good time at the Celebration of Giving. Easter Seals is an awesome organization. Everyone was very nice. Easter Seals is family. We are very proud of you and thankful for the generousity of the coporate sponsors.


  5. Virginia Fiore Says:


    It was our pleasure to be in your company and all the other wonderful recipients of Easter Seals. The staff of Easter Seals does a wonderful job of bringing everyone together every year and making this a wonderful experience of bonding and connecting to one another..What a wonderful family experience it is.
    We are pleased that you have done wonderful things with your life and will to continue to grow with the knowledge that Easter Seals will always be there for you and others who may need them, no matter what.
    Look forward to another great fund raising year and look forward to seeing every one next year.

    Virginia Fiore
    C21 Town and Country
    Clinton twp, Michigan

  6. Becky Boyles Says:


    Tori and Kerry and I thouroughly enjoyed our time in Las Vegas at the celebration! We always enjoy making connections with people who share our love of Easter Seals and all that they do to ensure that children like Tori and marti and adults such as yourself and Ryan get the opportunities to experience work and play and friendship and success.

    Maurice, I must say that I so admire you. You are truly an incredible man, not just for the obstacles that you have overcome, but because of the genuine love and optimisim that eminates from your very soul. You are truly a joy to be around. Tori and I look forward to evry event that will give us the opportunity to spend some time with you.

    We look forward to seeing you soon.


  7. Fern Clark Says:

    Thank you Easter Seals for “A great Celebration of Giving.
    Our Family loved the event and enjoyed meeting the new 2007 representatives and seeing old friends. Thank you to our Corporate partners who make it possible for all the representatives to hope for tomorrow

  8. Maurice Snell Says:

    I look handsome, Shirley!

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