A global issue, without boundaries

Autism does not have geographic boundaries –- the growing autism prevalence rate is of world-wide concern.

I am currently in Los Angeles waiting for my flight to Hong Kong where the Asian Autism Conference is being held this weekend. Hundreds of parents, care-providers and professionals will converge to learn how to meet the growing need for services and supports.

Although Easter Seals provides service primarily in the United States, we do have an affiliation with Ability First in Australia and a strong belief that all individuals with disabilities deserve the right to quality services and supports — regardless of political boundaries.

I am also happy to join and support our colleague Lee Grossman, president of the Autism Society of America, who will be providing a presentation at the Conference.

Autism is a global issue. I look forward to spending my weekend hearing about the unique tools and strategies being used in Asia. Through advocacy, education and global collaboration, the needs of individuals with autism can be addressed.


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