A.C. Moore is crafting a better world for kids

I just love crafting. I don’t often have time to craft, but when I get an idea for a project, I go all out. And when I go shopping for supplies, I walk down every single aisle. Maybe that makes me a binge crafter!

Crafting a Better World for All Kids
Each year my inner crafter gets excited for the promotion A.C. Moore, a specialty arts and crafts store, does for Easter Seals Make the First Five Count initiative. This year it’s a register donation program from August 15 to September 15, where customers can donate a dollar at checkout.

In addition to the register donation, customers who donate can partake in an A.C. Moore and Easter Seals #Selfie Contest – just take a #selfie with your signed pledge sheet, tweet or instagram @Easterseals and @officialACMoore between August 25-September 5th to potentially win an A.C. Moore Gift Card worth $25! A.C. Moore will announce four lucky winners, chosen at random, on September 8th!

With A.C. Moore, there’s great synergy between arts and crafts and learning valuable developmental skills. Whether it is with finger paint, chalk, crayons or construction paper, children love crafting and creating their own special works of art. Not only are crafts an enjoyable activity for children, simple crafting can also help children learn important skills that affect their overall development. And that’s not all: crafting provides a way for parents to observe their children’s developmental progress to make sure they are school-ready, too.

Easter Seals, a leading provider of early childhood developmental services, offers a free, comprehensive screening test to help guide parents through their child’s developmental years.

Parents can monitor their child’s milestones by taking the Ages and Stages Questionnaires® screening. the first five years of life lay the foundation for a child’s long-term success, so it’s important for parents to be in tune with their child’s development during those early years.


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