8 ways to prevent toy obsession by children with autism

Child with Lego toysAs promised in a previous post, here are some suggestions about gift lists and what to do if your child begins to obsess about a particular gift or toy they want.

  • Make a list with your child of what he or she wants for the holiday.
  • Include the store or website where the gift can be purchased
  • Don’t forget to add the price and other critical information about the gift.
  • Organize the list with a small box at the end or beginning of each item.
  • Share the list with family members or friends who want to “register” to purchase gifts by putting their initials in the box.
  • While you wait for the holidays to arrive, be specific and direct about the number of times each day a child can mention a toy or gift they are obsessing on.
  • Try giving your child 5 poker chips and allow them to exchange one poker chip for 5 minutes of talking about the desired gift.
  • Above all, be clear about your intentions. If you have no intention of purchasing a specific toy, do not tell the child that they might get that gift — it will only lead to problems in the future.

Most important, remember to relax and not get unduly stressed. Your son/daughter may in all likelihood react to that stress. And most of all, have a wonderful holiday season!


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