4 Ways to Oppose Cuts and Caps to Medicaid

Save Medicaid22 million.

That’s how many people could lose health insurance over the next decade if the Better Care Reconciliation Act passes the Senate and is signed into law by President Trump.

To put that into perspective, 22 million is roughly the combined population of the seven largest cities in the United States.

For nearly the entirety of 2017 healthcare has been a topic of national conversation. Preexisting conditions and essential health benefits have been discussed fervently among friends, families, and strangers online.

At Easterseals, we’ve focused on protecting  Medicaid, which is vital to the people we serve, along with their families, giving them access the community-based services they need.

Healthcare is complex, but the truth is simple: Everyone deserves affordable and equitable access to services that help them thrive and live independently.  Being an advocate for Medicaid is something anyone can do. Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Learn the facts: Be a champion for Medicaid by building a solid foundation of understanding. After all, to combat falsehoods it’s important to come armed with the facts.
  2. Contact your senators: Your representatives were elected to represent you! One of the most important ways to oppose cuts and caps to Medicaid is by voicing your concern to the senators in your state. Don’t know what to say? We made a call script with additional talking points and included the contact information for the senators in your state.
  3. Share stories: People with disabilities and their families from nearly all 50 states have shared their stories with us about the difference Medicaid-funded services have made in their lives, and what would happen if those services went away. Take some time to read and share these stories.
  4. Spread the word: It doesn’t take long to become overwhelmed by the constant breaking news updates flooding your various social media feeds. But if you can reach even one person and make them consider how important Medicaid is and how detrimental cuts and caps would be to millions, then it’s worth it. Encourage others to learn, call, and share. It doesn’t have to be in that order, but it should be done with empathy and understanding.

To those who have been active and loud voices on behalf of Medicaid, your work has made a difference.

As Senator Bob Casey said in a recent call to our offices, “We’ll be fighting and fighting until the end.”

Share with us in the comments below or on social media how you’re joining the fight against cuts and caps to Medicaid. And don’t forget to visit Easterseals.com/ProtectServices to get involved!


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