Make This Your New Years Resolution For 2018

A person holding a sparklerIt’s that time of year once again when people make New Years resolutions.

What’s mine? Well, I have to admit that I’m not one to make any.

Since my early days in school I’ve never understood them. To me, they made no sense because a resolution would be set and by the second week in January they’d be forgotten. Sound familiar? To those that carry through their resolutions I say congratulations!

But this year, I found a resolution that will work; a resolution that we could, and must, carry out.

If you’re reading this you more than likely know, or love, a person with a disability and while we’ve made great strides over the past decade we must not rest on our laurels. The moment we let up our collective voice will begin to diminish and the awareness and understanding we’ve worked so hard to reach will begin to subside.

What does this all mean? Create a resolution to be a voice, or to be the advocate, or to be the educator when the time arises.

Each of you will have a different encounter over the course of the year, but if each of you carry through this resolution to just one person then there’s a chance that one person will reach one more and so on and so forth.

We can do this! 2018 is almost here and we have to keep the momentum we’ve gained. We can’t allow ourselves to think we’ve done all that is possible to be done. There are still so many waiting for that glimmer of hope, understanding, or the knowledge that they aren’t alone. We truly are in this together. Let’s make 2018 a year where our collective voice is louder than we can imagine and that the strides and progress we’ve made continue.

Aaron Likens on a sailboatAaron Likens, author of Finding Kansas: Decoding the enigma of Asperger’s Syndrome, and the National Autism Ambassador for Easterseals, has spoken to over 80,000 people at over 900 presentations and has given to the world a revelation of how the Autism Spectrum Disorder mind works. His willingness to expose his inner most thoughts and feelings has unveiled the mystery the Asperger’s mind. Join him on his journey from hopelessness to hope.

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  1. Ryan Says:

    I think this is a great resolution, regardless of what type of person you are. Definitely a resolution to live by.

  2. Jonathon Says:

    This! A resolution to live by and for. Thank you easterseals for being a voice.

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