How Can We Make Our Communities More Accessible AND More Walkable?

#10MinuteWalk Twitter Chat. Join us Tuesday, November 6 at 3 p.m. EST.There is something to be said about stepping away from one’s responsibilities – the sink piled up with dishes, the unmade bed, the unanswered emails awaiting in your inbox – and just taking a nice, steady stroll to nowhere in particular. The clouds up above and the sidewalk beneath you, you wind around your block; maybe to the park, maybe just a quarter of a mile in any direction.

Taking a walk is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it is an activity that is not necessarily available and/or accessible to everyone. That’s why the Every Body Walk! Collaborative is “committed to promoting walking and walkability initiatives, to empowering champions and to pushing for safe, accessible and inclusive places to walk.”

We at Easterseals love this mission and were so excited to team up with the Every Body Walk! Collaborative and America Walks for a Twitter chat. Read the recap below!


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