Team Hoyt will keep doing marathons

Dick and Rick Hoyt. Image courtesy of Team HoytHere’s Kelly with another guest post.

Carrying his son in his arms

by Kelly Zatlin

During Monday’s terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon, many at Easter Seals and around the country were immediately concerned about the condition of Team Hoyt, the famous father and son marathon duo in which the father, Dick runs with his son Rick, who has Cerebral palsy. Being new here, I wasn’t aware until this week that The Hoyt Foundation is a partner with Easter Seals.

Thankfully, Team Hoyt remained unharmed. Just one mile from the finish line, they were told to stop because of an explosion. Not knowing what to do or where to go, the father and son were helped by a stranger who took them back to their hotel in his SUV. Dick had to carry his son into the hotel because Rick’s wheelchair got lost in the chaos of everything.

The Hoyts and the 30 other members running in support of Team Hoyt remained unharmed at the race. This was Team Hoyt’s 31st run in the Boston Marathon, and they are quick to say it won’t be their last.

While what happened in Boston taught us that there are some awful people in this world, it also taught us that there are some really fantastic people who want to help, serve and be there for others. Even now in this sad time after the 2013 Boston Marathon, Team Hoyt and the good that they do can be an inspiration to people around the country. The events of this week aren’t going to stop Team Hoyt from running marathons, and it’s not going to stop other athletes with disabilities from taking part in marathons and triathlons, either.


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