Super Tuesday, autism, and secret ballots

Tomorrow’s Super Tuesday! If you live in one of the states holding a primary, you might want to take a last-minute look at what the candidates have to say about autism before you duck into the voting booth.

In November, Katy Beh Neas blogged about autism being an issue in the presidential campaign and provides links to the candidates and their autism platforms. 

The 2008 Presidential Election Action Center has some helpful information, too. Created by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the site features each candidate’s record on autism and other disabilities during this election cycle.

A personal note: I lost the right to vote privately and anonymously in 1985. That’s the year I lost my sight.

After that, I needed my husband to squeeze into a voting booth with my Seeing Eye dog and me to read the candidates aloud. I’d tell Mike who I wanted, he’d help me punch the right candidate, and everyone in the place knew who I was voting for.

Not anymore!

Thanks to the hard work of disability advocates like the AAPD and Easter Seals, polling places are now required to provide voting machines with speech. Tomorrow, Hanni (my Seeing Eye dog) will lead me to our polling place; I’ll put on headphones, listen to the choices, and punch a button on the keyboard — all by myself.

Wondering who I’ll vote for? Ha! Don’t even bother asking. I’m not telling. I don’t have to anymore!


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  1. Barbara Gaither Says:

    Good for you! What a priviledge that we so take for granted! I am glad to know that only you will know who you are voting for, unless you want anyone to know! That is awesome and a bit too long in coming! Thanks for keeping autism and disabilies in peoples minds as they go to the polls tomorrow.
    Best wishes,
    Barbara Gaither
    (mother of a precious 8 year old with autism)

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