Share with a National Newspaper How Disability Has Affected Your Job

The Guardian logoThe United States edition of The Guardian is looking for stories from people who feel they’ve struggled to find or secure work because of their disability, but if you want your story included, you’re going to have to write it quickly: The deadline to submit is this Thursday, February 23, at midnight.

Have you struggled to find or secure work because of your disability? Do you keep your disability hidden from your employer? Have you experienced bullying or harassment at work? If you have a disability at work, The Guardian wants to hear from you.

You can even submit your contributions anonymously using their online form, just make sure you submit it by Thursday at midnight. The Guardian plans to publish an edited selection on their Careers site this Friday, February 24, 2017, as part of its disability at work week, and they might share contributed stories across social media as well.


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  1. William Hixson Says:

    My disability affected my job by when I fell off 6ft ladder I broke both of my wrist requiring 2 metal plates in each arm.Construction was my trade what I was taught when I was young and learned for the last 15 years.I can no longer do that same line of work.

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