Applauding exemplary adult autism service providers

AFAA logoEaster Seals is a member of the leadership council for Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA). Led by the vision of individuals with autism and their families, AFAA is a national consortium of organizations working together to promote a collaborative spirit and develop both public and private sector support that improve the lives of adults living with autism.

Let’s be real: the needs of adults with autism are significant. In an effort to address these needs, AFAA Recently launched AFAA Applauds, a national initiative recognizing innovative, high-quality support programs for adults living with autism. Through a competitive application process, AFAA selected six organizations for their exemplary results in oriented employment, residential support and community life programs (community life includes social skills, transportation, recreational, safety, spirituality or other categories of service that improve life experiences and outcomes for those living with autism).

Each AFAA Applauds winner received a $5,000 grant to develop a video about the program. The videos will be released in April, and AFAA will promote the videos through multiple communication channels. The inaugural winners of AFAA Applauds are:

  • Autism Services Inc., New York
    Autism Services Inc. helps individuals with autism become involved in the visual and performing arts and has improved their quality of life.
  • Chapel Haven, Connecticut
    Chapel Haven’s supported living program assists individuals with autism as they obtain jobs, gain a network of friends and participate in a vibrant community life. Chapel Haven’s program sets a high standard for excellence.
  • Eden Autism Services, New Jersey
    Eden Adult Services’ multifaceted adult employment program promotes the meaningful engagement of adults with autism in their communities through paid employment and active volunteer service. The program has created successful employment opportunities for individuals with autism.
  • Family Adult and Child Therapies (FACT), California
    The Generating All Possibilities 4-year program at FACT supports individuals with autism as they make informed decisions about work, college and where to live. The program helps prepare adults with autism for the future.
  • Partnerships with Industry (PWI), California PWI provides adults with autism the opportunity to find employment. PWI has helped individuals with autism reach their potential and experience independence.
  • The Friendship Circle, California
    The Friendship Circle fosters spiritual, social, and educational experiences for individuals with autism. The program has created activities that bring value to the lives of individuals with autism.

Keep an eye out for the videos. They are in production now, and we will let you know here when you can access the AFAA Applauds videos and learn more about these fantastic programs.


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  1. John Says:

    I feel very pity for the people suffering from autism and i really thank to the organization helping the autism suffering. helping them and making them bit creative and organize the activities so that they can be active and learn something new every day.

  2. Aspiegalie Says:

    Yes, let’s be real. Let’s be real clear there is an epidemic of abuse on adults with severe autism as seen here in this shocking video showing an RN (registered nurse) caught on camera secretly eye gouging his patient. As if that isn’t horrid enough there’s another guy seen kicking and punching the defenseless autistic man.

    The more these types of sadistic caregivers are put away in prisons, and stripped of their licenses, the safer we make our communities for vulnerable adults with autism.

  3. Patricia Wright Says:

    Alan – Certainly finances can be a challenging part of life. Many people, with and without disabilities, struggle to manage their finances. I am wondering if you have connected with the Global and Regional Asperger Support Group ( I am thinking that members of GRASP may be able to advise you on what they have found helpful in managing their finances. I found this blog ( to be helpful in identifying resources to increase financial literacy that are specifically designed for poeple with disabilities. The resources listed in the blog might be a good starting point for finding the support/information you need.

  4. Alan Katzer Says:

    I’m a adult living a high-function autism and I can do a lot of things except how to manage the money.

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