A proud dad writes about his special daughter

Bob and his daughter MollyAs Father’s Day approaches I wanted to share a couple stories about my 12-year-old daughter Molly and the joys of being a dad as a tribute to all the dads out there.

At her open house last year, I was running late after one of my Easter Seals meetings — as usual. I arrived breathless, and my wife told me to go up to Molly’s classroom and see some of her work. I was a little confused, but I do as I am instructed!

We went upstairs and on the wall Molly showed me an essay about her hero. And to my surprise, Molly’s hero was … me! I was not her hero because of the usual Father Roles as protector, coach and fix-it man. I was her hero because of the work I do here at Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin in raising awareness and donations to give people with disabilities opportunities to be independent. She finished her essay by saying one day she may work at Easter Seals. I thanked her and kissed her forehead. For once in my life I could not speak, I could not find the words. I knew even if I did, I would “lose it” in the middle of this school hallway and never be able to explain the emotion I was feeling to my little girl.

For the past six years, Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin has put on a Walk with Me event on the shore of Lake Michigan with the support of Polish Fest, the largest ethnic festival of its kind in the country. Amid polkas and dancing, we assemble and walk along the shoreline to support our services.

Many years, the event falls on Father’s Day weekend. My kids join me on the Walk and we all have a great time. A few weeks ago, Molly asked me about the upcoming Walk. “I want to donate to the Walk!” she told me. A few days later she gave me $15.00 for her Walk team. I was so proud to see her generous spirit and support for the work we do at Easter Seals.

And so, Walk with Me will be great again this year. The biggest total will not be on the thermometer on the stage, but on my daughter Molly’s personal page for a $15 donation from one of the most special girls in the world!


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